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Worldwide, over 39 million people live with the debilitating pain of recurrent migraines. At Southlake Neurology & Sleep Wellness Clinic, Texas, board-certified neurologist, Dr. Asher Imam, D.O., F.A.A.N. and his medical team offer specialized headache care. You receive customized treatment for migraines and other types of painful headaches, including Botox® injection therapy and the latest migraine headache medications. Schedule a specialized headache care consultation by calling Southlake Neurology & Sleep Wellness Clinic today.

Specialized Headache Care


What’s involved in specialized headache care?

The team at Southlake Neurology & Neurophysiology Clinic specializes in treating a variety of recurrent headaches, including chronic migraines. 

The goal of the custom treatment plans the medical team creates, is to help you find relief from existing headache and migraine pain and prevent new headache episodes. 

What are migraine headaches?

Migraine headaches are one of the most common neurological disorders and the second most disabling disease. They result from overactivity of the trigeminal nerve complex and your blood vessels in your brain. These types of headaches cause a variety of symptoms that can be severe enough to interfere with your quality of life or activities of daily living. 

Symptoms of a migraine include:

  • Throbbing/pulsating pain
  • Vision disturbances 
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased sensitivity to light and sounds
  • Many other symptoms 

How are migraines treated?

The medical team at Southlake Neurology & Neurophysiology Clinic offers specialized headache care that they customize to your needs. Treatment may involve:

Lifestyle changes

In the initial treatment of severe headaches and migraines, your provider can work with you on lifestyle and dietary changes to reduce headache pain triggers, like stress. They may also recommend trigger avoidance.

Medication therapy

Many people with migraines benefit from medication therapy to ease pain and reduce the frequency of chronic headaches. The treatment options include oral medication, self-injections including new CGRP injections prescribed by our providers, and IV medications.  

Botox injections

In treating chronic migraines, the team at Southlake Neurology & Neurophysiology Clinic offers innovative injection therapy with prescription Botox. Botox is a purified form of the botulinum toxin that temporarily paralyzes the muscles and nerves responsible for migraines. 

Botox is highly effective at treating those who experience 15 or more migraine headaches a month. With a series of treatments, Botox gradually reduces the severity and frequency of your migraines and can ultimately prevent new headaches from starting. 

If you have intermittent or chronic headaches, the Southlake Neurology & Neurophysiology Clinic team can treat them in-office. 

Schedule an appointment at Southlake Neurology & Neurophysiology Clinic by phone to learn more about specialized headache care services.